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Car insurance quote

Car insurance quote

  The insurance on your car or vehicle is a written contract between the two parties

The first party in this contract is called the insurer (the insurance company that you contracted with and selected after you

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  2- The second side, the person who searched for (Car insurance quote), will benefit from the insurance service (who owns the private or public vehicle that he obtained),

#-Car insurance quote
In accordance with this agreement concluded between the first parties, it is the car insurance company chosen by the second party, who is the owner of the vehicle or car

#-Car insurance quote
  Accordingly, the first party, which is the auto insurance company, shall determine the damage by compensating the insured for the problems (damage) suffered by the second party, who is the owner of the vehicle or the car, as a result of a road accident or similar.

#-Car insurance quote
This is done, according to the conditions and criteria agreed in the contract between the two parties, the insurance company and the second party, and there is no doubt the owner of the vehicle or the car whose owner has urged to secure it for several reasons.

one of the importants…
#-Car insurance quote

1- Feeling safe
  Car insurance makes you feel safe because any damage gets in your way, especially if the cause is out of your control, such as accidents, fire or theft

It is of two types
Avoid material losses as a result of the accident or problem that you and your car have suffered
Reducing conflicts and problems that may occur between people who are exposed to irrigated accidents, and as such in many cases they may develop into quarrels.

And it may reach in many cases in our societies to use force, in order for one of the two parties to recover their rights, which are represented by the losses that will be exposed as a result of the accident that occurred between them

In some cases, these disputes may develop into the courts and police authorities in order to settle disputes

#-Car insurance quote
  However, with car insurance, people who fell into such conflicts and quarrels will shorten the obvious conflicts, as the insurance agencies resolve disputes, estimate damage and problems resulting from the accident, and automatically pass judgment.

#-Car insurance quote
   This is in exchange for financial installments paid by the second party, which is the owner of the vehicle or vehicle that made the insurance
According to what is agreed upon between the two parties (annually – monthly – annually)

Health and physical protection
(Car insurance quote)
Your car insurance will compensate you for your injury or the injury of the passengers with you in the car, in the event of an accident

. #-Car insurance quote
Protection from natural disasters
Where you are compensated for any loss and damage that you may suffer as a result of rain, torrential rain, storms or fire.
It gives you alternative solutions to help you in your daily life

#-Car insurance quote
In the event that your car is damaged, the insurance gives you financial compensation for renting a replacement car until your insured vehicle is repaired.
Ensures repair damage to the agency

Instead of getting lost in regular repair shops, the insurance contract guarantees the repair of your insured car at the main agency of your car company, where you have original parts and high-quality repair.

#-Car insurance quote
It gives you the options you want, which are:
Compulsory insurance (against others)
It is a compulsory insurance according to traffic regulations in the Kingdom and a number of countries in the world, so that the car owner insures his car against damages that may be caused to others or their property by 100 percent as a result of an accident resulting from your car –

#-Car insurance quote
   This also includes the fine sponsorship certificate document and any additional supplement (if any) provided that it does not conflict or violate the provisions contained in the document, but it does not include the vehicle of the insured or its owner and passengers,

#-Car insurance quote
  This type of insurance is also called (compulsory insurance), because the owner of the vehicle is legally obligated to insure his vehicle in this type of insurance, otherwise he will be punished to the extent of imprisonment if he refuses to do so

#-Car insurance quote
. But it has some downsides:
  It is limited to the vehicle of others, and does not cover any damages that occur to the vehicle of the owner or its driver if it was the person who caused the accident, and he must bear the costs of these faults and damages.

Comprehensive insurance: It is optional for the vehicle. If the vehicle owner wants to cover his vehicle with full protection, he will resort to the comprehensive contract to protect both his vehicle and other vehicles, and their passengers.

  It is an insurance program that covers the loss or damage attached to the insured vehicle

  Its positives:
#-Car insurance quote

The insured, who is the owner of the motorcade or the car, feels protection for the car that he bought, even if he caused the accident.

It covers the risks of theft, fire and others.

It is an optional vehicle insurance

  The insurance price depends mainly on the type of vehicle and its value

  It guarantees more benefits than compulsory insurance

It provides optional additional coverage that grants a number of benefits that are not available in similar insurance programs.
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Car insurance quote

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